Yellow bengal Silk Handloom Saree

The house of sunshine

Almost every summer she would visit her grandparents, who lived in the hills. The day school would announce the dates for summer holidays, her heart would be filled with joy and eyes with excitement. She wouldn’t get sleep the night before the train journey. Thee excitement was way too much for a five-year-old. While the train moved through the woods, she tried to catch the sunrays and make friends with the trees. The moment she reached her grandparents house, every incident would be narrated in detail. The hills were her happy place. She loved how the stream passed by the road and the man I the corner sold her favorite candies. Years passed by and the visits reduced. She moved to a different country with work and could not even make it when her granny passed away

But today, she is back in the hills. As a lawyer, she was fighting on behalf of her grandpa to save the house from being broken and made into another tourist hotel. She could not had let the memories of her childhood become all concrete. She wanted her grandpa to live with those memories for the rest of his life. While sipping some tea on a summer evening, she looks at the old, wrinkled face of her grandpa and it fills her heart with extreme happiness and positivity. It gives her a sense of satisfaction, that she fought for the right cause.

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