White cotton Handloom Saree

Happy Faces!!

Faces! What does it take to carry one!
The people that you want to show it too? Or The feel that you carry along?

Isn’t it all about how we have been nurtured, a combination of what our experiences are!
And a little need of the hour.

Today I chose my happy face, a face that hides the pain of having to see my closed ones suffering.
My siblings running around the town in the midst of this corrupted chaos for ICU, Oxygen and injections.

While I agree that pandemic and wave is beyond manageable, whom to blame? the Chinese? the international travellers? the government? or ourselves?
How about if we just accept the situation and contribute to help everyone?
At least start with a Happy Face :) that spreads positivity and trust that things will be better! - @gunjansarda
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