Indigo Blue cotton Handloom Saree

Faces: Deep Moments!!

Faces! What does it take to carry one!
The people that you want to show it to? Or The feel that you carry along?

Isn’t it all about how we have been nurtured, a combination of what our experiences are!
And a little - need of the hour.

Perhaps the photographer captured me in my deep moments! So this is what I was thinking.

Once the pandemic wave is over, where will we find ourselves? Will we be able to trust each other?

I have been very aspirant in life, humble but not humblest. Times like these have certainly pushed me to the later side. I wonder looking at 3 human kinds – The sufferers, the advantageous and The ones who are doing the best they can to support the community. I am thankful that universe didn’t put me under the first two categories.
Hope all of us starts practicing giving!
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