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Faces - Self Love!!!

Faces! What does it take to carry one!
The people that you want to show it to? Or The feel that you carry along?

Isn’t it all about how we have been nurtured, a combination of what our experiences are!
And a little - need of the hour.

Today I chose Self Love! Admire how far I have come across and take pride in my own efforts.

Sometimes I do wonder, why our female ancestors had to get in to a gender war? Prove that women can also do things equal to men. Were they not more valued in keeping our homes a happy place for the entire family. Cooking with love, washing with care, a greater mental & physical wellbeing – the overall KHAYAL factor for everyone. Where did it went wrong?

While it has become easy for women to now accomplish what they want! It’s also the time for men to start accepting and managing the basics that are required to make it a happy living. I think we have just won one side of this war the other will take a few more generations!

So here’s my two cents to new parents – Take pride in nurturing individuality! AATMANIRBHAR!! Self-Love!!
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