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Rebel on the road

She was always considered different from her siblings. A rebellion since childhood. She defined her own rules, broke the ones set by society. They asked her to wear pink, she went ahead and wore black. They told her to sit like a girl instead she went ahead and rode the bike like a boy.

Her energy and passion in everything that she did was considered unlike a girl by society.  The day she chose to follow her passion and join an all-women’s bike riding group, her parents turned rebels. They wanted her to get married, have kids, settle down and lead the life women are supposed to lead. That was the day she chose herself, her desire, her dreams and ambitions over others. Who can put you into a box when you are made to shine?

A new city, a new house, new relationships, and the same passion for riding bikes. Nothing could subdue her energy and love for what she was born for. The heart at times ached for a warm cup of tea made by Mom and a tight reassuring hug by Dad. But that had to wait. Because she had to prove to the world that what she chose for herself was right in every possible way.

After so many years, when her parents read her stories in newspapers and see her giving interviews, tears of pride, happiness and guilt flow. The daughter of the house is now someone who has conquered the world by choosing not to be confined like a girl.

The phone rings, an old feeble voice answer “Hello”. A girl from the other side says “Papa, can I come home for a cup of tea?” The old voice breaks down. Today, she made her parents proud and it was time to return home.


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