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Tales of womanhood

She hesitates to answer that video call, every day. The same set of questions just pulls her down. But then, it is her parents and she cannot keep ignoring them.  So, she swipes and starts with a bright smile. It is night for them and day for her, so her parents are already sleepy. They start with the general “how is the day going/did you eat food?” etc. She was waiting for them to ask what they never fail to ask. And then it comes, “You are turning 40 next month and there is still no marriage on the cards. The money won’t fill your loneliness.” This time, she answers back. She tells them she is happy being independent, living a comfortable life all taken care by her. Her money and growth for now is making life wonderful and she is in the process of adopting a child.

There was an uncomfortable silence of 60 seconds. Nobody knew what to say. Her mother started crying, but she did not break down. This conversation was important. She had to tell them that a man is not important for her to grow in life. And that means not just monetary growth. She could give her child the life which she deserves, without getting married. Her mom refused to speak. She was just about to hang up, when her father whispered, “Do you have a minute?’ She said “Yes. But please no lecture.” He just said “I am proud of you beta. You don’t need a man to fill your emptiness, but maybe you need a Dad to always tell you how much he respects you and believes in every decision you take.” She smiled and kept the phone. It was her turn to break down, but those were her happiest tears

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