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The dream weaver

The one thing that she always chose to do on Diwali’s, was the Rangoli. She loved to see how beautifully colours and flowers came together to create something that looked extraordinary. Her mother loved it. She would always tell her, “When you grow up and get married, your in-laws will be very happy.” As a child, she loved listening to that. As time passed, she moved to college and took up Arts as a subject. Coming from a conservative family, her parents were happy with their daughter’s choice. They were already looking out for the right boy for her.

One day, during her college fest, she did the entire Rangoli decoration. There was an external faculty visiting the college and loved her creativity. He had not seen something so beautiful before. He asked her if she ever tried to do something beyond rangolis. That is when she told him about how, for so many years she has been weaving mandalas, which were inspired by her Rangoli decorations. Seeing her enthusiasm and skills, he immediately offered her a course in one of the best colleges of Arts in London. Her excitement knew no bounds.

Back home, her parents had already finalized a boy for her and did not allow her to move to London. She decided to not disappoint them and stayed back to get married. But like they say, when the universe wants you to do something, no one can stop you. The boy she got married to wanted her to pursue her dreams. She found balance in life without sacrificing her desire. She moved to London, did the course and is now one of the most successful mandala workshop owners in UK. She owes her success to the dream man, her husband, who supported her and became a part of the adventure that she started. Behind some successful women is a man who never wants to let her down.


written by Penaaz Shaikh


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